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While feng shui is a great tool that can help you enhance the quality of your life, you may need an expert to assist you in bringing beneficial, auspicious chi energy into all areas of your life. Interviews with feng shui experts can help you gain greater insight into this mysterious-yet-precise science of placement.


Having an expert explain certain facets of the practice can help you decide if feng shui might be beneficial to your lifestyle. LoveToKnow Feng Shui has expert interviews that can give you information on topics such as:

  • Feng shui for your career - Get advice and information on topics like how to declutter your career and how to practice feng shui in your conference room.
  • Feng shui for your pets - Learn how feng shui can help your pet with problems like behavioral issues.
  • Healing: Get information on the different ways you can use feng shui for healing, both through Reiki and earth energy.

Tips and Advice

Experts are in a unique position to offer you tips and advice on how best to incorporate feng shui practices into your home. Get expert advice on topics like:

Start Opening Spaces

With experts helping you each step of the way, you'll find it easier than ever to incorporate feng shui into your home and your life. Put their ideas into practice and see what spaces you can open up.

Feng Shui Expert Interviews