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How to Use a Bagua Map: Simple Steps for Powerful Change

How to Use a Bagua Map: Simple Steps for Powerful Change

The bagua map is a feng shui tool used to map out the various energy areas of your home. The bagua map reveals which rooms fall into these different sectors/quadrants and which areas of your life they affect. Keep reading »

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Feng shui practitioners and enthusiasts often use a bagua to indicate certain areas of a home or work environment that directly relate to specific areas of a person's life. Learn about the different elements of bagua, how you can incorporate them into your living space and daily life, and examine how Black Hat Sect and Classical Sect differ in bagua.

Bagua Elements

Bagua represents eight elements, but when drawing a bagua map or diagram there are nine. The ninth area is the center. This is often referred to as the most auspicious area of a home or work environment. These elements represent the changing forces of nature and are characterized by a bagua symbol. The bagua is a feng shui tool that can help you to locate and work with the positive and negative energy in your home to create a balanced atmosphere.

Octagon vs. Rectangle Bagua

Feng Shui can come in different sects. For example, the Black Hat sect will use bagua a bit differently than those that follow traditional or classical feng shui principles. For example, the traditional method might use a bagua octagon based on compass readings. The Black Hat Sect of feng shui will use a bagua chart. This less complex printable bagua map uses Zen theories to help you align your home.

Making Adjustments

In feng shui, it is important that chi flow freely so as not to become stagnant. When chi flow is stagnant in certain areas, so too is it stagnant in that particular are of your life. For example, if your love life is at a standstill, you may just want to take a critical look at the love section of your bagua and apply a few tips and cures to give your love life a little boost. Often times, you can easily adjust the chi in each bagua area by adding or removing certain feng shui elements. By doing so, it allows stagnant chi to flow out of the space and positive chi to flow in.

Adding Elements

Specific elements work to boost your feng shui. Bagua mirrors can work in a home to protect against negative energy. However, using them correctly is key. Bamboo flutes are another element that you can add to improve the feng shui in your home. Representing peace, these flutes can breathe new life into an afflicted room.

Outside Your Home

Bagua isn't all about your home either. You can use bagua in your exercise routine to help you achieve peace. Practitioners often walk the bagua circle to improve their chi and gain mental and physical strength. This exercise is a big part of Bagua Zang martial arts.

The Power of Bagua

Bagua is a powerful tool used by feng shui practitioners to improve the energy in a home. It isn't just about how to organize your rooms either, but about the decorative elements that you use. You can also incorporate principles of bagua into your daily life and meditation to improve your mental strength and overall wellbeing.

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