Article Highlight: Bagua Diagrams and How to Use Them

The bagua diagram is an essential feng shui tool used in determining the areas in your home or office that directly correlates to your nine major life areas. The bagua is divided into eight compass directions… Keep reading »

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Feng shui practitioners and enthusiasts often use a bagua to indicate certain areas of a home or work environment that directly relate to specific areas of a person's life.Bagua means eight areas, but when drawing a bagua map or diagram there are nine. The ninth area is the center, this is often referred to as the most auspicious are of a home or work environment. Each area of the bagua is associated with a feng shui element as well as a color.

Learning More About the Bagua

The following are some great resources to help you learn a little bit more about the bagua and how you can apply its concepts to your work and living environment:

  • Bagua Elements - Discover which elements are associated with specific bagua areas.
  • Bagua Map for Each Room - Learn how to draw a map and adjust the energy in each room of your home.
  • Bagua Chart - Get some basic information about the bagua while learning a few tips and cures.

Making Adjustments

In feng shui, it is important that chi flow freely so as not to become stagnant. When chi flow is stagnant in certain areas, so too is it stagnant in that particular are of your life. For example, if your love life is at a standstill, you may just want to take a critical look at the love section of your bagua and apply a few tips and cures to give your love life a little boost.

Often times, you can easily adjust the chi in each bagua area by adding or removing certain feng shui elements. By doing so, it allows stagnant chi to flow out of the space and positive chi to flow in.