Black Hat Feng Shui Tips to Empower You

Ellen Whitehurst, black hat Feng Shui practitioner
Ellen Whitehurst

Black Hat feng shui practitioner and expert Ellen Whitehurst did not begin her career in feng shui until after she had a successful career on Wall Street working for E.F. Hutton. When Ms. Whitehurst's parents became terminally ill, it piqued her interest in alternative medicines and holistic treatments, eventually leading her to feng shui. Ellen decided to go back to school and earned her degree in Transpersonal Psychology. After that, she left Wall Street for the world of Black Hat feng shui.

Ellen's book Make this Your Lucky Day is received by critics and is extremely popular among those wishing to learn about feng shui. She also currently guest spots on a number of nationally syndicated radio shows. Ms. Whitehurst kindly took the time to share her expertise with LoveToKnow.

Black Hat Feng Shui Basics

LTK: Could you please explain the basics of the Black Hat school of feng shui?

EW: The Black Hat School, founded by the spiritual leader, H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun, is primarily practiced here in the United States and in Europe. It is an evolution of traditional practice but is much more accommodating to the Western way of thinking.

Both traditional and Black Hat schools say there are nine different life stations that sit inside all of our spaces waiting for us to trigger them with our intentions. Both schools use a bagua map of those same energies to show where and how anyone can engage them.

Some Black Hat basics involve the use of the [[Bagua Map for Each Room|bagua map, which gives a general idea of where each of the nine energies are located inside any space. The map we use to determine where specific or particular energies reside in your living space is a static map and doesn't change.

The premise here is that your external environment has a definite impact on your inner self. If you're experiencing negative vibes or energies in different areas of your life, you can adjust those energies by addressing synergistic areas inside your home!

Black Hat Tips and Cures

LTK: What are some quick Black Hat tips and cures?

EW: Feng shui says that if you divide up your main floor into nine equal grids the bottom center or middle grid (bottom represented by the same wall your front door is on) is the energetic area of your living space that is associated with job or career opportunities.

This same area that is associated with your job is also associated with the water element. Any symbol or actual representation of moving water in this area will also bring a flow to your job intentions such as:

  • Water fountain (the feng shui gold standard)
  • An aquarium or fishbowl
  • A picture of moving water

The real deal is of course the hope, but the energies can move swimmingly simply by affixing a picture of a waterfall anywhere in this same area. Water, water everywhere and then they'll be plenty of job opportunities to dive into!

The relationship area is located on the upper right hand grid of the bagua map. Traditional feng shui symbols believed to bring activity to these energies of love and commitment are to put in pairs here. The number two represents or symbolizes partners or the two of you.

There is a special symbol in feng shui, called the Double Happiness Symbol that, when placed in this same love and romance area can create circumstances that will allow anyone to meet their soul mate.

The area most associated with the energy of abundance, wealth sits in the upper left hand corner of your living space. Some standard feng shui cures for activating the energies of this space call for you to place some symbol or image there that speaks to those same energies. A more sort of woo woo way to invite wealth into your life is to put a lamp or light in this area and light it. The idea here is to provide an illumined path so wealth can come and find you wherever you are.

The color associated with these intentions is purple and the number is four. Place four purple flowering plants here since the symbolism of growing your money is obvious. There is also a strong belief in the power of the jade plant to bring prosperity into the household in a quick and easy manner. Jade is considered the most precious of gems in the East since it's also believed to bestow good health and happiness. Therefore, the custom has arisen that says placing a jade plant in the wealth area will help prosperity and abundance to bloom and grow.

Lucky Day Shui

LTK: You talk about "lucky day shui", can you please explain this concept?

EW: "Luck Day Shui" is one of the platforms of feng shui that I am dedicated to and passionate about sharing with anyone who has an interest in making the special days of their lives even more, well, special. I've blended my understanding and training in feng shui with my 20 plus years experience studying other holistic therapies, along with all the other cultural and traditional methods I've learned, together to offer a fresh, fun and easy approach to incorporating fortune and luck into all the situations and circumstances of life.


LTK: The Shuistrology section of your website is fantastic, could expand on this concept?

EW: Shuistrology is my trademarked hybrid blend of astrology and feng shui.

We, as human beings have the power to use our intention and free will to change anything the stars have in store. That's where Shuistrology comes in. I look at the forecast for all the astrological signs for any given month and determine if the particular horoscope looks like the energies will be fabulous or, on the other hand, if things could conceivably get a bit bumpy.

If the outlook is faboo, I offer quick fixes to enhance those great energies. If, however, the cosmic climate is a little cloudy, then I give some ideas and advice on how to overcome those energies. Shuistrology says that you are in charge regardless what's happening in the heavens.

The Empowered Lifestyle

LTK: You speak about the "Empowered lifestyle", what are some feng shui principles people can apply to make them more empowered?

EW: The "Empowered Lifestyle" is what I call my particular brand of bringing health, happiness and prosperity into anyone's life by offering up all the advice and self-empowering info I have learned over the years. It's really just a contemporary spin put on some ages-old advice and then shared so that anyone interested can tackle their own life issues with confidence and power. That's our birthright, to be able to put ourselves on our desired path without any outside interference. The Empowered Lifestyle shows you the definitive "How To" of handling all of life's circumstances; good, bad and the completely in your own power. After all, seriously, who can't use a little more luck?

Ellen's Tips for the Empowered Lifestyle

Some of the principles I share with everyone in order to start becoming more empowered is first to remember the front door represents a critical space.

The Front Entrance

Called "The Mouth of Chi" this is where all the fresh and healthy energy enters your living space. One of the first empowering action steps anyone can take is to assess that area and make sure that everything there is:

  • Uncluttered
  • Clean
  • In good working order

Placing a red flowering plant to the left of the door as you look at it is an ancient practice and promises to invite opportunities as well as grand fortunes and good luck into your house.

Painting the door red or green portends those same powerful results while changing your outside light to a higher wattage bulb brings an electrical charge that can really light up your life. That same door should swing open without obstacles. The theory goes that if it's stuck then so will a lot of important energies your entire life.


Clutter is a capital crime in feng shui. Everyone who is looking to empower their lives should be sure to get rid of everything that no longer represents who they are or their hopes, wishes and dreams. If you don't love it, get rid of it. Period.

Fresh Air Equals Fresh Energy

Lastly, make sure to get as much fresh air and natural light in your space as possible. This single act enhances your own personal chi making you stronger and much more likely to believe in your own power then if you feel dark or stuffy or depressed. Lighten up. Literally. You won't believe the positive affect this can have on your entire life.

There are just a few ways that anyone can begin building their best life ever! Of course, reading my blog at or grabbing a copy of Make This Your Lucky Day can take all of this a thousand steps further and bring anyone closer to their dreams than they ever believed possible. And if that ain't lucky, well, I just don't know what is!

Black Hat Feng Shui Tips to Empower You