Beyond Clutter

Sally Painter
Organize and replace old toilette.

Learning to feng shui beyond clutter is easy. Apply the same principles of decluttering to your entire home - inside and outside.

If It's Broken Fix it

The next step after you have gotten rid of the clutter is to repair or replace anything that is broken. It's easy to take this step beyond clutter if you make a checklist of items in need of repair.


Many things in the bathroom can create an energy drain and steal your money as surely as you flushed it down the toilet.

  • Repair dripping faucets - Leaking water means a slow but steady drain of your funds.
  • Leaky toilet seal - Replace the broken seal
  • Tank stopper - You don't want your toilet to be running all the time. Replace with a tank stopper kit.
  • Always keep the toilet lid closed - An open lid means energy rushes from your home like a vacuum cleaner sucking up your resources and finances.
  • Replace depleted toilet paper and tissue boxes.
  • Replenish soap bars.


Many of your appliances can create chi energy drains, too. Move beyond clutter by going through your kitchen and take inventory of broken, damaged and partially functioning appliances.

  • Repair a broken ice maker.
  • Garbage disposals should work. Either repair, replace or remove.
  • Replace a Microwave ovens that only partially works.
  • Repair cooking range burners that no longer work.
  • Clean the oven regulary.
  • Throw away cracked or chipped china - Not only is it unattractive, bacteria can accumulate in the chipped away area or cracks.
  • Keep knives sharpened
  • Refill empty paper towel holders.
  • Replace missing utensils and silverware.
  • Repair or replace broken coffeemakers.

Beyond Clutter: Things You Can Do

There are several things you can do to assure the chi energy flows freely throughout your home.

Put broom in a closet after using.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Unclog stopped up or slow drains - Clogged sinks, shower, bathtub drains can stop the flow of chi and your finances.
  • Throw away full vacuum bags and replace with new one.
  • Replace broken windows.
  • Fix squeaky doors.
  • Tighten loose doorknobs.
  • Don't leave brooms or mops leaning against doors - Place them inside a closet out of the way. A broom or mop creates sweeping away energy. You want good energy to enter your home and through your doorways, not to be swept away.
  • Don't leave shoes at the front door - If you ask people to remove their shoes when they enter, then provide a place inside a closet to store the shoes. By leaving shoes at the front or even back door, you are allowing the energy and even shoe odor to travel with the entering chi throughout your home.
  • Make sure entryways and exits to your home are well-lit.
  • Don't allow ice and snow to block the walkway and entranceways to your home.
  • Regularly paint exterior and interior of home.
  • Clean wall plates and fingerprints from doors and walls.
  • Get draperies dry-cleaned regularly - Make sure they are properly installed. If using rings with hooks keep threaded for a neat look.
  • Keep windows and mirrors clean.
  • Empty trash cans.

Other Forms of Clutter

You may not be aware that your choice of colors, patterns and designs can create a feeling of clutter. Go through your home room by room and see if the walls, floors, furniture, draperies and accessories go together. This will help you move beyond clutter.

  • Replace hodge-podge and mismatched pieces of furniture with new ones or have the pieces of furniture recovered - If working with a tight budget buy slipcovers.
  • Replace pillows with matching ones or sew new pillow slips.
  • Remove old wallpaper and paint walls to blend with room's décor.

Organizing Your Home

Another way to ensure you take your feng shui techniques further, clean out drawers and cabinets and organize them for easy access.

  • Drawer dividers - Organizing helpers to keep utensils sorted.
  • Baskets - Great organizing tools for shelves, closets and bathrooms.
  • Storage - Purchase nice plastic tubs for long-term storage.
  • Closet systems - Cramped and disorganized closets created stagnant chi

Personal Feng Shui

Personal items and hygiene can improve feng shuiClothing:

  • Cull clothes
  • Donate those that no longer fit
  • Repair any ripped seams
  • Replace broken zippers
  • Repair torn hems
  • Replace missing buttons


  • Polish
  • Wash sneakers
  • Replace worn shoes laces
  • Repair worn soles
  • Get rid of uncomfortable shoes

Toilette Articles:

  • Throw away old makeup and replace with new
  • Replace toothbrushes regularly
  • Clean and wash hairbrushes weekly
  • Organize cosmetics

Simple Logical Steps

It's simple to move beyond clutter with the logical steps and suggestions.

Beyond Clutter