Auspicious Symbols of Happiness

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Lotus blossom in pond

Auspicious happiness has several meanings in feng shui and is considered the ultimate in good luck and abundance.

Concept of Auspicious and Happiness

The concept of being auspicious and attracting happiness is found in many of the Chinese symbols that are commonplace in feng shui applications. Auspicious elements or symbols are typically associated with happiness. The two concepts go hand in hand whenever seeking an element, symbol or object to add to your feng shui design.

The key to making a happiness symbol work in your home décor is for it not to stick out from the rest of your design as though it doesn't belong. You can choose various objects such as a crystal orb, a metal sculpture of a pair of mandarin ducks, a wood carving of a dragon, or a ceramic lotus blossom that can fit naturally into your room without standing out as a feng shui cure or symbol. Balance is always the mandate for feng shui design so happiness can find you.

Spring Festival Auspicious Symbol

The Spring Festival is an annual celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. The most common symbol of this time of year is what's known as the Auspicious Happiness in Superabundance.

The Traditional Picture

The traditional depiction of the Auspicious Happiness in Superabundance is a young boy, sitting on a large open lotus leaf within a grouping of lotus flowers that are blooming all around him. The child is always smiling or laughing while clutching a very large fish to his chest.

Understanding the Symbols

The symbols of the Auspicious Happiness in Superabundance begin with the central figure of the child, known as Quiren or the nobleman. Legend places him as a central figure known to be a benefactor of prosperity and is an auspicious symbol of abundance. The nobleman supports you by inviting all good things to come into your life in great abundance. This being watches over you and is often portrayed as a child, specifically a boy, and sometimes as a star.

Carp Symbol

The carp or Koi is an ancient symbol of good fortune that brings auspicious happiness and abundance to you. It is represented in the yin yang symbol that depicts two carps as tear drop shapes. The carp is fabled as having an all-seeing eye. The black and white stylized carps are each drawn with one eye that's the opposite color of each respective tear drop.

Red and black carp are used as auspicious symbols to bring the element of water into your home. Carp are kept in Koi ponds or aquariums. Traditionally, eight red fish and one black fish are used to create a balance of energies and attract wealth and prosperity into your home or business. You can substitute carp with gold fish if you prefer or red swordfish and a black molly. Some feng shui practitioners simply use eight carp without reference to color while others use nine. Both eight and nine are auspicious numbers, so you can decide which practice you prefer to use.

Chinese Character Fu

The Chinese character known as Fu is considered to be a word for auspicious happiness since it means blessings or riches. It's found written in black ink on red paper lanterns that are suspended on either side of the front door during the Spring Festival.

Lotus Flower

The lotus is synonymous with harmony and peace. It's also a symbol of universal enlightenment and untouched beauty. This is a very auspicious feng shui symbol that transfers its energy into your home while bringing the positive vitality of chi into your home. The lotus flower is therefore an energizer that serves as a magnet for all things auspicious.

Auspicious Happiness Hanging Symbols

There are many symbols that can be suspended from your walls and ceilings to attract auspicious happiness into a feng shui design for your home. The infinity knot is used in most hanging ornaments as a connector between the object and the hanger. Not only does it have this utilitarian purpose, it's also symbolic of infinite wealth, happiness and other auspicious qualities.


The number six, eight and nine are considered to be very auspicious numbers and if you wish to capture the positive energies associated with them, you can use other auspicious objects in these varying quantities, such as the example of the red and black carp used in a Koi pond or aquarium. Many people ensure they chose a home that has at least one of these numbers in the address, while others include these numbers in their phone number.

Double Happiness Symbol

The double happiness symbol brings a mega dose of auspicious benefits to your love life and promises for a happy marriage. The legend of two lovers blessed by fate is immortalized by the double happiness symbol that reminds those who use it that miracles can happen where there is love.

Achieving Your Goal

There are a few things you need to keep in mind working with feng shui elements and symbols. The key to a successful feng shui design is harmony and balance of the five elements within each sector of your home. Using auspicious symbols and objects should never end up creating clutter in your home or upsetting the balance of normalcy within your decor.

Auspicious Symbols of Happiness