Tiger and Dragon Yin Yang

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Tiger and dragon yin yang

The tiger and dragon beautifully symbolize the yin yang (duality) of the universe. These two symbols of the male and female energies of chi energy have very specific meanings and can be used as feng shui cures as well as works of art.

The Tiger and Dragon Are Celestial Companions

Infusing these celestial creatures into the traditional yin yang serves to articulate some of the basic meanings expressed in the T'ai Chi. The tiger and dragon are extraordinarily complimentary companions according to Chinese astrology. These celestial creatures are fairly opposite in character with the dragon boldly leading the offensive charge and the tiger expressing a more defensive nature. However, they make a well-rounded whole when they come together. To better understand this concept, it's important to consider their characteristics separately before bringing them together.

White Tiger

According to Chinese astrology, the white tiger carries yin energy. This animal has always represented the admirable qualities of courage and patience. After all, the tiger must stalk its prey secretly and steadily in order to avoid scaring away its dinner. Tigers know when to lay low, but they can also spring into action when it's beneficial to reveal themselves.

Along with being a yin creature, the white tiger also represents the cardinal direction of west in feng shui and its element is metal. In landscaping sit inside your home and look out onto your front lawn. The white tiger is located to the right side of your house. This land configuration should always be lower than the left side (green dragon) of the house.

Green Dragon

The green dragon is a noble creature of good fortune according to Chinese astrology. That's quite a different viewpoint from the one held in western culture. The Chinese dragon is strong, adventurous and very outgoing. Its energy is typically yang unless you happen to be dealing with a white yin dragon.

The dragon's cardinal direction is east, directly opposite to the tiger and its element is wood. In landscaping, the green dragon is always located to the right side of your home and the land fall should be higher on this side of your home.

Symbols of the Tiger and Dragon

Pulling the energies of the tiger and the dragon into the yin yang symbol helps visualize some of the finer points of the ancient T'ai Chi. The basic symbol portrays the dark energy of yin on the left half and the bright energy of yang on the right half. Typically, each side contains a drop of the other. In a tiger and dragon yin yang, these drops are either replaced or further enhanced by the celestial creatures. The yang dragon is set against the yin and the yin tiger is set against the yang half of the symbol.

Tiger and Dragon

As mentioned previously, these animals represent two major orientations in the yin yang's design. The symbol serves as a compass, although its cardinal directions are actually the reverse of the western compass. The tiger's westward direction is represented by its position on the right. The dragon's eastward direction is represented by its position to the left of the tiger.

Improving Your Personal Chi

It's possible to improve your personal chi by studying the orientation of the tiger and dragon and applying it to your furniture placement.

  • First, it's always better to position yourself in any room with the wall at your back to gain the support of the dragon energy.
  • Sit opposite, but not directly across from, a door. This allows you to receive the tiger energy flowing into the room without receiving it forcefully enough to interfere with your concentration. This is a good placement for a chair, couch or even a desk.
  • Using the yin yang compass orientation, you can ideally have some type of enclosure on your right or west compass direction. This might be an end table, a small dresser or cabinet. This placement offers the tiger essence a sense of security.
  • Place a plant or some other greenery to your left to encourage the dragon to occupy this space. by sitting in this power position you will reap the benefits of security and encouragement that the tiger and dragon symbols bestow to you. This creates a perfect balance of yin and yang chi energy.

Find This Design

Keeping in mind that you want to create the perfect balance of tiger and dragon energies, you can use various symbols either as part of your home decor or personal items. Choose from these items for your home:

Tap Into the Power

Any of these symbols can help you tap into the power of these celestial animals. Whether you select a piece of jewelry or a framed artwork, you can draw this auspicious energy into your life. Feng shui is most concerned with the outside environment, so if you follow the tiger and dragon aspects of your landscaping, you can easily enhance the yin and yang of the tiger and dragon for a more abundant life.

Tiger and Dragon Yin Yang