Chinese Dragon Pictures

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Chinese dragon

A Powerful Celestial Creature

When you look at a Chinese dragon picture, you can almost feel the essence of the great Divine Being of the Chinese culture. This celestial mythical creature keeps away evil spirits and protect humankind keeping them safe and out of danger, making its image an ideal addition to your home.

A symbol of success, protection and good fortune, many consider the Chinese dragon the Supreme Being of all the creatures in the world. In China and other Eastern countries, shrines and temples honor the celestial and powerful dragon.

Dragon plaque

Dragons Protect a Home

In feng shui, the dragon is considered an important symbol. Placing a picture of a dragon in your home protects you from negative energy while drawing positive energy and bringing good luck.

Temple Dragon

Dragon Placement

When using a dragon in feng shui, place it in the Eastern areas of your home on top of a shelf or table to draw positive chi into your work or living environment. Given the Chinese dragon's strong, dominant yang characteristics, do not place them in bedrooms or other rooms meant for rest.

ShenYang Dragon

Yin and Yang

It is said that traditional Chinese dragons have a total of 117 scales. Eighty one of these scales represent yang energy while 36 represent yin energy, which is why dragons are thought to bring more yang to a space than yin.

Monastery dragon

Pairing Dragons

Pair the dominantly yang Chinese dragon with its yin counterpart, the Phoenix. A dragon and phoenix pairing brings positive chi to your love life and is said to represent marital bliss.

Dragon with pearl

A Dragon with an Eternal Pearl

Many pictures and statues depict a Chinese dragon holding a beautiful pearl. Sometimes the pearl has flames. According to ancient Chinese folklore, it is the pearl that gives the dragon its power to ascend upward to heaven. Many refer to it as "The Eternal Pearl". If using a dragon to ward off evil, consider an image that incorporates the pearl.

Dragon tapestry

Beautiful Silk Dragon Fabric

Beautiful silk fabric with an exquisitely embroidered Chinese dragon picture makes a lovely wall hanging, and a great way to bring good fortune into the home. Hang it in an asupicious area.

Dragon from Nine Dragon Wall

Nine Dragon Wall

Nine dragons decorate the Nine Dragon Wall in the Forbidden City located in Beijing, China. Adding nine dragons to your home, however, could upset the yin and yang balance of the space.

Dragon tapestry

Symbol of the Emperor

In many ancient Chinese dynasties, the dragon was the symbol of the emperor and the throne was known as the Dragon Throne. Hang a dragon tapestry above a chair to declare your own throne.

Pair of dragons in tile

Unity in Pairs

Many pictures of two dragons together feature them frolicking with the Eternal Pearl. As they play with the pearl, they use their celestial breath to blow auspicious chi to humans. Dragons shown in pairs represent unity, and displaying them can represent this in your home.

Circular dragon

Circular Dragon

A Chinese dragon's image depicts a powerful and auspicious mythical creature. This dragon weaves itself in a circle to express continuity.

Colorful dragon pole

The Nine Animals

The body of Chinese dragons represent nine different animals. When displaying a dragon, you also bring these other animals into your home:

  • Head: Camel
  • Scales: Carp
  • Claws: Eagle
  • Paws: Tiger
  • Belly: Clam
  • Neck: Snake
  • Eyes: Rabbit
  • Horns: Stag
  • Ears: Bull
Dragon water feature

Dragon Colors

Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty canonized and declared five dragons as kings. Each dragon is a different color:

  • Qinglong: The Azure Dragon
  • Zhulong: The Vermillion Dragon
  • Huanglong: The Yellow Dragon
  • Bailong: The White Dragon
  • Xuanlong: The Black Dragon
Temple dragon

Holy Symbol

Many believe Chinese dragons can reach Heavan and ward off evil, which is why you often see their image in front of many Buddhist temples. Many regard the Chinese dragon as a holy symbol.

Rooftop dragon

A Dragon Guards a Buddist Shrine

Rooftop dragons guard sacred temples throughout China. They use their magical power to ward off evil spirits and the possible danger of lightening as they stand guard.

Incorporating the image of a Chinese dragon into your home brings the power of this mythical creature into your life. Add some dragons in any form to your feng shui to capture what they have to offer.

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Chinese Dragon Pictures