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lucky bamboo plant
Feng Shui Practitioner

The meaning of lucky bamboo plays an important role as a living example of the feng shui elements of water, wood and earth. When you place this plant in the correct pot, it can introduce fire and metal to complete a balance of the five elements. This plant is one of the most recognizable and popular feng shui cures. It's an easy care plant that can survive in any kind of light. Feng shui principles claim that bamboo attracts auspicious chi energy. Since the bamboo plant is strong, it can energize your home.

Meaning of Lucky Bamboo Stalk Numbers

Much of the luck that is associated with bamboo comes from the number of stalks bunched together or woven together into an arrangement. The number of stalks determines the kinds of energy the plant attracts into your home and life. The more stalks in the planter, the greater the blessing of good fortune and luck.

Lucky Log

This is a certain kind of bamboo that looks like a log with no roots. You'll want to place one end in water so it can grow leaves and continuously produce new leaves. Lucky log bamboo is symbolic of a strong life that's filled with prosperity. This plant is a favorite for businesses to give as gifts, especially to other companies since it promises to keep the business growing. Some varieties produce fragrant white flowers in addition to the healthy green leaves.

Two Bamboo Stalks

People often send two stalks of bamboo as an expression of love. This number also is said to double your luck.

Each curve takes 18 months to create.

Three Bamboo Stalks

The plant of three bamboo stalks is one of the most favorite number combinations to have in your home. It brings three kinds of luck to you:

  • Happiness: Fu
  • Long Life: Soh
  • Wealth: Lu (Career promotions)

Four Bamboo Stalks

In the Chinese language, the word used as four sounds very similar to the word used for death. The number four has the same kind of connotation and draws sha (negative) energy. You'll never find a four-stalked bamboo plant in the Chinese culture; much less ever give one for a gift. To do so is extremely rude and would be interpreted that you're giving the recipient a death wish.

Five Bamboo Stalks

With the number five, there's one stalk for every area of your life that can bring you wealth. The overall energy attracted to a five bamboo stalk plant is one of health, which is needed to benefit from any of the five areas of your life. You'll want to have a healthy career, healthy relationships, and more. The five stalk bamboo reinforces each of the five areas of your life that can influence the level of wealth for each area.

  • Emotional
  • Intuitive
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

Six Bamboo Stalks

Six in the Chinese language also sounds like the word luck. Six stalks of bamboo attracts prosperity and advantages to achieve greater wealth.

Seven Bamboo Stalks

Seven stalks of bamboo bestows good health to you.

Eight Bamboo Stalks

Once more the Chinese language plays a big part in this number's law of attraction. Eight sounds like the word used for grow or thrive. Eight stalks also improves fertility.

Nine Bamboo Stalks

This is the symbol for good luck and bestows great luck to whoever receives a nine stalk plant.

Ten Bamboo Stalks

If you have a ten stalk bamboo arrangement then the wish for you is to feel complete and complacent. The hope is that you find your life to be perfect. The sender wants you to have everything in life just as you envision and desire.

Twenty-One Bamboo Stalks

If someone has gifted you with a plant with this number of bamboo stalks, then the well wishes for you and your family are being delivered in a very powerful overall blessing for great wealth and enduring health.

Lucky Bamboo vs. Other Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is not the kind of bamboo you're accustomed to seeing. This variety is smaller and related to the dracaenas family. The varieties of bamboo you see growing in gardens and mountainsides grow rapidly with runners that can overtake a yard. Lucky bamboo doesn't grow rapidly. Its roots only grow a few inches and can't produce runners. The sprouts also experience limited growth. These characteristics make it an ideal house plant.

Bamboo Symbolism

lucky bamboo as a gift

Bamboo has long been the Chinese symbol for strength. Many admire the bamboo's qualities of fast-growth and resilience. In Chinese, lucky bamboo is known as Fu Gwey Zhu.

  • Fu: Luck and fortune
  • Gwey: Power and honor
  • Zhu: Bamboo

Give a Bamboo Gift

Many people give this kind of plant for housewarming gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, grand openings, award, achievements and other auspicious occasions. Receiving this plant as a gift increases your luck. Choose an elaborate woven lattice design or an arrangement of individual stalks tied together with red ribbon.

How Lucky Bamboo Is Curled

You may have seen photos or an actual lucky bamboo plant that is curled, wavy or has several stalks woven together. It grows like other bamboo and appears to be a straight stick plant. The growth of this plant is carefully controlled in order to make it curl. Growers place the stalks on a flat table in a greenhouse. Three sides of the stalk receive no light while one side is exposed to bright light so it grows in that direction. To achieve the curl or wave, the stalk is manipulated and rotated. Curling the stalk can take up to a year or a year and a half to achieve.

Creating Harmony In Your Home

You can use lucky bamboo to help you achieve harmony in your home. Use the meanings for the number of stalks to ensure you select the best plant for your need. Never place plants in a bedroom, even if it's a lucky bamboo. This creates too much yang energy and will have an inauspicious effect. One of the best locations to place a lucky bamboo plant is in the east or south sector of your home or office.

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2013-10-30 13:24:45 Trishita dasgupta

I am planning to gift a set of lucky bamboos but then the person to whom I am planning to give stays in the hostel. A room in a hostel is also a bedroom, should I proceed? Or should I not?

2013-10-25 05:43:15 Basha

Please tell me about my lucky bamboo it has only 19 stacks

2013-10-13 00:22:38 DebbieVasen

Hi Cheryl, This article has some instructions for sprouting your new plants. As soon as they have a good set of roots, you should be able to combine them again.

2013-09-29 04:15:06 Cheryl Boswell

I bought a lucky bamboo arrangement with 5 stalks, but one rotted and now the arrangement has four, an unlucky number I am aware of now. If I take two trimmings of the leaves that shoot or branch off from the stalks and put these in water so they take root, how soon would I be able to plant them with the original arrangement so that it will be 6 instead of four?

2013-09-21 04:21:36 Sally

Hi Somesh,

I’m not familiar with a 20-stalk meaning for feng shui. I guess it could be considered #10 twice blessed. <g> While #7 is a wish for good health. In numerology, 13 is a double number that is added down to 4 and this number has negative connotations in feng shui.

For this reason, you may want to divide the 13 stalks into other more beneficial number meanings. As a complete arrangement of 20 stalks, you could add one more stalk to the 13 circle, thereby making it 21 total for blessings of health and wealth. Hope that helps!

2013-09-21 04:19:30 Sally

Hi Sam,

If you have 6 stalks of bamboo, it really doesn’t matter is
they are uniform, so the curled bamboo stalks clearly will count and gives you
6 stalks. You just have 4 out of the 6 that are straight. The main thing
is that all of the stalks are healthy and that the arrangement looks aesthetically
pleasing. Hope this helps! It sounds like a very nice gift.

2013-09-19 05:24:47 sam

Hi I got a bamboo plant with two stalks curled on each sides and four tied together. I was reading above that it is not auspicious to give four stalks so will it be considered six stalks because it has four stalks in the center and one stalk each curled on the sides. Please guide I bought it as a gift for my husband. Thanks!!

2013-09-12 16:37:41 Somesh

Also the plant was gifted to me with 20 stalks. Could you please let me know if this is ok or should I rearrange the stalks in groups mentioned above.

2013-09-12 14:50:32 Somesh


I have got a bamboo plant with 20 stalks arranged in two circular formation the inner circle has 7 stalks and the outer circle has 13 stalks. Could you please let me know if this is correct and what would be the correct pot to put these bamboo stalks in the living room.

2013-08-16 02:32:28 Sally

Hi Mark,

For a living room, I’d opt for the east or southeast sector since both are wood element directions and fuel the fire in the south.

However, if you have a desk in the living area that is located in the north sector, then you could place the bamboo in the southeast corner of your desk as a symbolic gesture.

Hope that helps. Best of luck!

2013-08-12 04:40:59 MARK.

Plz let me know if a bamboo plant(with three layers) can be placed in a glass bowl filled with water,tied with red ribbon in the NORTH in the living room for career growth.

2013-08-09 06:24:26 Sally

Hi YB,

Typically, arrangements come with rather uniform sized stalk
diameters, although it's okay if they vary. The heights can also vary and make for a more interesting arrangement when they are. It's a personal choice.

The main thing is to make sure you have healthy plants. You
want vivid green stalks with a good root system. You don’t want plants with roots that have black spots or mold since these are signs of disease. Also, the leaves should be a healthy green. Leaves that are turning yellow or are already brown are not healthy.

I’d opt for the red ribbon over the gold since red is the ultimate color for good luck in Chinese Feng Shui. Like so many things in Feng Shui, the ribbon also serves a very a practical purpose - to keep the stalks straight and from falling over. Hope I’ve helped to answer your questions. Best of luck!

2013-08-01 17:44:02 YB

Is it important to have the stems of the same thickness - as in if there are three stems tied together do all three have to be same thickness and size? Also, is it better to put gold or red ribbon? Should they be tied together?