Inexpensive Good Luck Gifts

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Give gifts in pairs for good luck.

Inexpensive good luck gifts make great feng shui presents for friends and family members.

Feng Shui, Luck and Gifts

The Chinese believe that when you gift someone, you should do so in pairs. The more gifts, the more luck you bestow to the recipient of your gifts. Remember to give in pairs. If you wish to give more than two gifts, make sure you give in multiples of pairs, such as four, eight, sixteen or more.

Choosing Inexpensive Good Luck Gifts

You can find most good luck feng shui symbols and items in varying degrees of quality and expense. The first thing you should do is decide what kind of luck you wish for your recipient.

Chinese Coins

When looking for an inexpensive item to give as a gift, Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon or inside a red envelope are two of the most inexpensive and luckiest gifts you can give to someone. An added benefit of giving coins as a gift is that it also bestows wealth to you. Some coins are more auspicious than others because they were minted during a positive dynasty. Some stores are very careful about not selling coins from inauspicious dynasties and mention this on the company website.

Ching Coins

Minted during the Ching Dynasty, the Ching coin is like other coins, made from bronze with a square hole in the middle. In ancient times people wore Ching coins as amulets against negative energy, evil and disease.

Coins Tied with Red Ribbon

The symbolism is prosperity, wealth and of course, good luck. The red ribbon is tied in a knot. The color of the ribbon symbolizes good fortune since the Chinese believe the color red is a very auspicious color. The tied red ribbon ensures the owner of the coins has never-ending good fortune, wealth and prosperity. You can buy three or six coins tied together.

Hanging Prosperity Coin Balls

Another practice is to wire the coins together to form a ball with the Chinese characters facing out. Coin balls have a knotted decorative ribbon and often have a red tassel hanging from the bottom. Other times, bells are suspended from the ball to draw additional good fortune.

Coin in Red Envelope

The coin in a red envelope is another symbol of prosperity, wealth and good fortune. These are a popular gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other milestones in a person's life.

Other Inexpensive Gifts

There are many other gifts you can buy that won't cost a lot of money, but will bring good fortune.

Small Metal Bells

Placing bells outside a home at the door is a way to ring the news of good fortune entering your home. Just make sure you know the direction your home faces and where your lucky flying stars currently are before placing. Metal attracts the element of water, so you wouldn't want a metal bell in the south direction of your home since it attracts beneficial fire. You can also place a bell inside your home.

Three-Legged Frog

This frog always has a coin in its mouth (make sure you have the Chinese character face up). You can place this symbol of good fortune and wealth in your personal wealth sector. This icon also represents longevity which means your fortune and wealth will have no end.

Female and male foo dogs.

Foo Dogs

The Foo dog (also spelled fu or fo) is a long-time symbol of protection. You've probably seen these statues outside many restaurants in a similar fashion to the ones found outside Chinese palaces. Foo Dogs are always sold and used in pairs. There is a male and female Foo dog, although in reality the two are stylized lions, but are always called dogs. This pair acts as guardians of the household. In authentic depictions, this symbolism of might is contrasted by each dog caught in a playful act. The male dog is playing with a ball and is poised with it underneath his right paw. The female is playing with a cub beneath her left paw. Many of the modern interpretations have a ball beneath each Foo dog's paw. Some versions of the pair have only the male dog with the ball underneath his paw. The misnomer is intentional. The first sculptors patterned their idea of a lion after the Chow Chow dog breed. Because the Foo dog is a mythical creature, its power reaches beyond the normal world into the supernatural. The sight of an unknown creature guarding the palace instilled great fear and awe to all who saw it.

Lucky Bamboo

Many believeLucky Bamboo plants attract chi into their home to energize it, especially the sector where the plant is placed. There are meanings attached to the number of stalks. Make sure you never give a plant with only four stalks since the Chinese avoid this number because the pronunciation sounds like the Chinese word for death.


Fish are especially beneficial to businesses. You may have seen a fish tank inside the entrance of Chinese restaurants. This is one of the most inexpensive gifts you can give. It's believed that seven gold colored fish and one black will bring enormous good luck to the owner. You can also use seven black and one red if you prefer. Koi carp are also a favorite, but require a special pond and are more expensive. Koi have been known to live well over 100 years. Goldfish are a distant cousin and serve the same purpose of drawing good fortune chi.

Browsing for Feng Shui Gifts

You can find many online stores that sell inexpensive good luck gifts that you can purchase for someone you wish to have good fortune.

Inexpensive Good Luck Gifts