Feng Shui Art for Bedrooms

 Collage Representing Expectation, Dreams, Heart and Trust

Feng shui art for bedrooms is an important, yet often underestimated aesthetic, used for balancing the total energy, or chi flow of your home for manifesting positive intentions into reality. The practice of feng shui in the bedroom seeks to understand the symbolic meaning behind the selection and placement of art, and how these elements influence important relationships. Feng shui art for bedrooms embraces a range of artistic depictions from realism to the symbolic and abstract; moreover, art in the bedroom considers the deco accents placed in the room, such as lamps, throw rugs, ceramic containers and even plants.

Learning About Feng Shui Art for Bedrooms

When it comes to feng shui mistakes, there are plenty to learn from including a slew of destructive faux pas regarding bedroom art selection. The bedroom is considered a haven of protection and destructive elements and symbols influence chi in subtle, yet powerful ways. Sometimes the understanding of the larger mistakes of feng shui, simplifies the learning of the subtle constructive selections you can make for the bedroom:

Destructive Feng Shui Art and Decorating Mistakes

  • Aquariums
  • Water fountains
  • Dark, oppressive colors on walls, linen or artwork
  • Paintings or photographs of water
  • Cold, stark winter scenes in artwork; depicts alienation
  • Artwork of flowers or plants
  • All plants and flowers either dried or fresh
  • Paintings or photographs depicting violence
  • Paintings or photographs depicting deities
  • Paintings or illustrations of violent animals and mythical creatures like dragons
  • Artwork suggesting sadness, pain, estrangement or hardship
  • Artwork with singular objects or persons for couple bedrooms
  • Paintings or photographs of family, friends or children for couples
  • Old mementos, photographs, letters of past love or relationships

Feng Shui Art for Couples

Feng shui art for couples should first, and foremost, reflect the personalities of the couple, along with applying feng shui couple principles for creating a restful space conducive for relaxation and privacy, intimacy and affection. The couple should decide together which of their relationship intentions are most important, and thus reflected through the chosen art and decor accents within their bedroom. Positive intentions for couples include themes of marital love, affection, intimacy, tranquility, beauty, sensuality, passion and eroticism. Wall art, photo frames, sculptures and decorative accents, such as handmade artisan work should reflect these themes of marital bliss in pairs of two.

Feng Shui Art for a Single Adult's Bedroom

While there is a lot of information about art and decor in feng shui bedrooms of married couples, there is considerably less discussion about feng shui in single adults' bedrooms. Singles should seek art that promotes happiness, personal hobbies, tranquility and rest, along with individual intentions for attracting love and passion into their lives. Express your intentions with visual reminders by accenting the northwest corner of the bedroom with sculptures of lovers and wall art depicting the opposite gender. Eliminate old memories of past lovers from the room; remove obstacles by placing the bed across from a window with an open field, or in front of an image depicting an open field in order to welcome new experiences.

Feng Shui Art for Children

Children are incredibly receptive to their surrounding environment. Thus, utmost care is necessary when choosing art for a child's bedroom. Images of artwork which are happy, bright and colorful depicting friendly soft animals, natural beauty, education and hobbies are most suitable. Photographs of friends and family reflect the support children need. Images and art accents reflecting education and learning include books, world globes and personal hobbies. Kids express a lot of activity in their bedrooms. They sleep, dream, relax, play and study in one space making it essential to organize and minimize clutter, so he or she feels open to dream and imagine.

Constructive Feng Shui Art Ideas

  • Plenty of natural lighting, where possible
  • Pleasant artificial lighting, such as candles and lamps
  • Photographs of candles, fireplace or fire elements
  • Accent lights emphasizing wall art and art deco accents
  • Relaxing views of nature from bedroom windows and balconies
  • Paintings and photographs of nature, but not of water
  • Books and uncluttered bookshelves, in moderation
  • Uplifting sensual and erotic artwork, including sculptures and statues, but not of a violent or derogatory tone
  • Abstract art and photography emphasizing love, peace, calmness and any other abstract intention you wish for your life
  • Pairs of artwork, photography frames, sculptures and ceramic art for couples
  • Photographs of special moments together for couples
  • Bright, positive and cheerful colored wall art for children
  • Soft, subdued and warm colored art for adults

Can Electronics Be Artful in the Bedroom?

Feng shui purists advocate the elimination of all electronics in the bedroom, but keep in mind if televisions or stereos promote aesthetic relaxation through the art of sound with activities like meditation, yoga or romantic ambiance - by all means create a balance. If adhering to tradition is just not feasible, make sure to store electronics behind functional units with cabinet doors or built-in wall cabinets.

Feng Shui Art for Bedrooms